Back to .500

Back to .500

I’m really proud of the squad for the win on Sunday. We knew it would be tough against that defense but we showed that our offense ain’t too bad. This team has done a great job this year of responding to challenges and this week was no different.

Our offensive line played a huge role in getting the win against Washington. They were able to control their front seven in the run game and they gave Matt a lot of time to throw every time he dropped back to pass. They did an excellent job of imposing their will on the Redskins and I think they were able to wear their defense down as the game went on.

Our receiver group balled out on Sunday. Julio played great as he always does and it was great to see him get in the end zone. Calvin showed a lot of explosiveness and I think he kept their DBs on their heels all game long. Those two guys helped me get open with the underneath stuff and with all of that we were able to affect every level of their defense.

This year didn’t start the way that we would have liked but this team has battled back and has gotten better every single game. In my time in the league, my best teams that I have been on are ones that are getting better every single week and that mentality has put our record at 4-4 for the year. We have put ourselves in the mix for the playoffs and we have to keep fighting and keep getting better so that we can continue to fight for a playoff spot over the second half of the season.

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