Be Relaxed

Be Relaxed

When it came time for Pro Day, I made it a point to go away from all distractions. I trained in Cali for like 8 weeks to get my mind right and prepare for the most important time in my life at the time. The reason I went to Cali is that I didn’t want to be around anyone that was familiar to me, that way I can get better and keep focused.

When I didn’t receive an invitation to the combine it didn’t bother me. The combine doesn’t mean you’re getting drafted and not going to the combine doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance. My goal was to make sure I was one of those guys who did get drafted, not that it would mean anything to be drafted after not going to the combine, but to be another guy people can see that the combine doesn’t mean everything. You help yourself with all of your opportunities, and Pro Day was my opportunity.

It was a bit nerve-racking, I knew this was my opportunity to make a name for myself. I just knew I wanted to make sure I was relaxed as possible, I knew if I was relaxed then I could perform the way I know how to. I felt good afterward, I was happy with the way I performed and it was fun being able to compete with my teammates.

My advice is whether it’s at the combine or at Pro Day just go out there and be relaxed. Sure you have scouts watching your every move but they can also sense nerves and your body language. Have some fun with what you’re doing, you have a chance to help yourself go to the league, there’s no way you can’t have fun with that.

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