Being Coach Sherman

Being Coach Sherman

When I decided to sign with the 49ers after Seattle let me go, I knew I would be doing more than just playing for them. I knew that they had a good buy young group in the secondary. While I’m far from old, I have been around the block a few more times than these guys.

In those trips, I’ve picked up a few things that could benefit these guys.

I can’t practice right now while I’m rehabbing, but I can still help these guys and provide value for this team despite being injured. During OTAs, I’ve been giving guys feedback and getting involved with drills. You know—when someone makes a great play, I make sure they know it. If they don’t and want my thoughts on what they could have done better, I’m more than happy to share.

But I can’t give them anything. It takes work, diligence, and dedication.

I’ll give them tools that I have, the information and knowledge that I’ve received over the years. I can help anytime they want after practice or anytime during practice.

Off the field, I do what I can for these guys. I do what any good mentor or coach would do. In the secondary, you play better as a unit when you’ve developed a bond with guys. That bond starts on the practice field, in meetings, and in the locker room.

But to really develop it, you have to take the bonding a step further. Me and the secondary guys have gone out and had some fun; nothing crazy, of course. We’ve had dinner a few times, raced go-karts, gone bowling, etc.

I like to keep it fun but competitive also because that is who we are—competitors.

I’m a team guy. I always have been and always will be. My goal every day is to contribute; do something to help make the team better. If that means taking these guys out to dinner and riding go-karts-- that’s fine. If that means stepping in and helping out during practice, I’m okay with that, too.


If I can’t contribute as Richard Sherman, cornerback, I’m happy to do it as Richard Sherman, coach.


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