Being Physical

Being Physical

What a win! We battled all game, it was a great competitive game, and I’m just glad we came out with the victory. Prayers up to my boy Hurns, this game can change in an instant and I’m glad to hear his surgery went well and I know he’ll do what it takes to get back to the game.

Our offense was tough and physical out there, we always have the confidence that they will put up points. On defense, we knew we had to stop the run. Last time we played them that’s how they were able to beat us, but we were ready this time. We turned them into a one-dimensional team and our secondary was ready for that.

One game down. We only look at this one game at a time. We are traveling to LA this week to take on the Rams. We haven’t faced them this year so we don’t have any recent film to watch but we’ll go over the tapes of their offense and break down how to stop them. We know they have a great back in TG and we’ll look to shut the run game down again.

Football in LA? You have to be hyped for that, and I know they’re a lot of Cowboys fans in Los Angeles. Come see the Hot Boyzzz in action and get loud!


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