Being Physical Down the Stretch

Being Physical Down the Stretch

The heart of our team lately has been built around the phrase “Win Today.” Basically, this phrase is aimed at being sure that our heart, our energy and every single one of our actions is set to get us a win. It is the single focus of every player from lifting, to meeting rooms, to watching film on our iPad. You do everything possible to put yourself at the highest level so that  you can go out and compete for a win.

I feel like some of our winning can be traced back to how our running game has picked up from the beginning of the season until now. That is something that we obviously want to keep going. For us to win games late in the season when the weather turns poor you have to be able to run the ball effectively. We know that the run game will be a key to winning as we go into the stretch run.

Our running game has found a great groove since we added Jay. He adds big play ability to the run game and that makes our offense even more dangerous. But make no mistake - Jay is a guy who is a physical runner and he can break a lot of tackles. He has added a lot to our offense without having to play catch up since we added him once the season got going. Jay is certainly an amazing addition to the team and we are very lucky to have him. 

Going down the stretch we just have to stay consistent with what we have been doing all season long. We have to continue to fight hard in close games and find ways to finish them. We don’t want to lose the swagger that we have already built so we just have to keep grinding and keep finding ways to win.

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