Big Things Coming

Big Things Coming

The season is over and it was an interesting one for sure. Things definitely didn’t go how we wanted but that’s ok. This squad never gave up and this offseason will be full of hard work in order to make it better next season.

Being my first year away from Seattle and coming off injury brought some challenges. But I don’t think I could have picked a better spot to land. From the coaching staff to the players to the fans, the 49ers definitely showed that they’re a class organization.

It sucks that the season has to end because we were working and growing as a team. We’ll just have to keep that up in the offseason and make sure we bring it next season. One thing I do know is that this game is still fun for me. Being out there with your brothers every week is a feeling that you just can’t describe.

I definitely plan to keep you guys in the loop this entire offseason. I can’t thank you enough for all the support, either this season or throughout my entire career. Just know I’m going to be ready to go in 2019 and I know the squad will be too.

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