Building Momentum

Building Momentum

#BOLTUP baby! That was a great team win, we fought all game and when we needed that big play, we made it! We had the game plan and we preached it all week in practice, pressure the QB and keep him in the pocket.

Our D-line was incredible, to be able to hold that offense to only 90 yards is something no team has been able to do. We knew if we came in there and stopped the run, we were going to win the game. Our offense was doing their job, they were putting up points. My boy Badge was coming in clutch, kick after kick. We had a meeting before that final drive and we were all calm, nobody panicked and we knew we would be able to win this game.

For us to be able to hold the game down at the end and come up with that turnover was huge, our defense just wanted to build the momentum and show that we can be an elite defense as well. We will have to play like one this week against a great QB. We’ve had our matchups with Tom plenty of times and we know what he is capable of.

We like our odds. We’re in the playoffs for a reason, we didn’t get here by mistake. We deserve to play for the Super Bowl, but right now we’re going to work hard all week and get ready to travel to New England on Sunday. #BoltUp

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