Catching and Cooking

Catching and Cooking

When people find out that I am a NFL football player, few people act surprised. They see a 6’5” guy who is in top shape and they just figured that I play some sort of professional sport. However, when I tell people that one of my passions is cooking - that’s where the real shock starts to happen.


Cooking has become a great outlet for me in the midst of the grind of a long NFL season. After a hard day on the field it does me a lot of good to come home and make a good meal for some of my friends. A lot of times Shaq and Damiere will come over when I cook. We usually just sit down and talk about life while we eat. We even discuss our work week just like everyone else.


One of the biggest reasons that I fell in love with cooking is because of my grandfather: James Hester. When I was growing up he would have a vegetable garden that he would take me out to so that we could pick some fresh vegetables. Once we got done we would go back to the house and he would cook squash, okra or collard greens. He got me to fall in love with foods that most kids my age would not typically eat.


Now I love to make pasta - like shrimp alfredo - but I love to grill out. I really like to throw some steaks on the grill but my speciality right now might be lamb chops. I love lamb and if you can get the seasoning just right you can make lamb chops simply irresistible.


All this good food is a great way for me to wind down but it also helps to keep me fueled so that I can get after it day after day.

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