Chasing Another Ring

Chasing Another Ring

The past two seasons have been a blessing. To be able to hold the Lombardi Trophy in back-to-back years is something I never could have imaged. It’s like I have been living in a dream and I haven’t woke up yet. Being around talented and well coached teams is something I am very familiar with and this team here in Detroit is no different.

Every year in this league you see turnover and players changing teams but one position has remained constant for the Lions and that is at QB. Matt has proven himself as one of the best in the NFL, passing for over 4,000 yards every year since 2010. He knows how to spin a football and when you have a quarterback like him on your team, the sky really is the limit.   

The running back group is DEEP and the guys in this room push each other on every rep. We know that running the ball will open up the passing game, then Matt and the boys can make it happen through the air.  Our receivers have proven that once they get the ball in space they are dangerous and hard to tackle.

The defense is going to look a lot different than last year and you guys will probably see some 3-4 looks. But like the coaches said, most of the time the situation will dictate our formation. Our d-lineman are all huge, and they do a great job of taking on multiple blockers so our LBs can make plays. Darius Slay has proven himself to be one of the best corners in the league. Glover and Tavon are the perfect erasers for the back end of any defense. Going up against that unit in practice is always a challenge.

It hasn’t been easy for the fans in Detroit, our last playoff appearance was 2016 and people might think we are rebuilding with a new head coach but don’t sleep on us. This team has the talent and experience, along with the coaches, to break that playoff drought. We are one team, one pride.

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