Cheetah's Pro Bowl

Cheetah's Pro Bowl

What a fun time in Orlando. I’m not going to lie I wish I had a reason to miss because of the Super Bowl but since I had the opportunity to go I had to take it. I’ve worked hard all season to be named a Pro Bowler so to go to Orlando and catch up with some of the guys around the league was cool. I got to hang out with my family and my son, at the end of the day it’a about making memories, so I was all about it.

To be named a Pro-Bowler as a wide receiver was a blessing, I’m getting to show my skills each and every day out there and it is beginning to show. I get a chance to do the job I love for my family and for the fans so it can only go up from there. I’m just continuing to progress each year as a receiver.

Every opportunity to play this game is a blessing and I’m enjoying every minute of it. To play in another Pro Bowl was a blessing, I hope I can make the Pro Bowl every year. Just hoping that I may be able to miss a few due to a Super Bowl or two. #CheetahOut

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