Competition Within

Competition Within

The standard of excellence we have for our defense is high. We continue to work hard to be the best defense we can be.

Yes, we are a young group with plenty to learn, but no doubt, we can play, and we keep getting better. It's that hunger to improve that separates the good from the great. We’re ready to prove a point—that we can play at the highest level.

You can tell, everybody’s able to count on each other. That trust factor is on point among the DBs and overall, with the entire defense. It’s not one person trying to stand out. It’s everybody making plays.

We're all competing with each other. When players do that, it’s so much easier to get turnovers and the things that you want out of a defense.

Right now, it’s cool to have that underdog mentality. The only thing we can do is elevate our game and continue to excel. We did that against Detroit last week, and we plan on doing that again this week against the Chargers.

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