Confidence is Earned

Confidence is Earned

My name is Anthony Miller, and I think I’m the best wide receiver in this draft class.


Some think making a comment like that is arrogant and cocky. I say it has nothing to do with either—it’s confidence. To those who say it’s arrogant, what would you rather have—a guy who thinks he’s the best and tries to prove or someone who is okay with being called second-best?


How hard is he going to try? How much work will he be willing to put in?


I’ve always been a confident guy because I know I put in the work needed for greatness. I’ve never had the luxury of getting by on athleticism or talent alone. But I’ve been able to overcome that because football isn’t just a sport for me, it's my life. I’m willing to outwork my competition.


Since no one can see or measure passion, it can be overlooked—like me. It didn’t matter that I graduated from Christian Brothers High School as the program’s all-time leading receiver. I still, I didn’t get a single scholarship offer. I heard from a few schools, but ultimately—nothing.


But I knew I was good enough to play D-I football. I just needed to find a way to get on a practice field and then do what I do—and I did.


Despite my career at Memphis, I still had a lot of doubters leading up to the draft. I’m fine with being doubted. That’s part of what’s fueled me to get to this point. I know if I carried myself like a player satisfied with just being an All-American and Memphis’s all-time leading receiver, that would be all I was ever known for.


But that’s not the player the Chicago Bears are getting in me. At the end of my career I want to be known as one of the best receivers to ever play the game. I believe I have the work ethic and the talent. On top of that, I'm getting top-notch coaching.


Some guys are fast, some guys are good this and that, but you can't name one thing that I can't do. I can catch the ball, I've got a little speed. I can block a guy through the end zone, out of bounds. I'm all of the above.


I’m known to bring a lot of excitement to the game, and that's going to continue. I can’t wait for the moment when I step on Soldier Field.



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