Entering the Daily Fantasy Football Business

Entering the Daily Fantasy Football Business

Ever since I announced that I am getting into the business side of the daily fantasy game, a lot of people have reminded me what I’ve said about fantasy football players over the years. You know—things like “Fantasy football, oh, my God. They are almost as bad as the gamblers.”

I am aware of the things I’ve said—but this is business. As much as I may dislike how some fans lash at times, fantasy football is big business. It has become such a huge industry. It has better connected fans to players and I think it can help them know players better. It can also help the biggest fans feel more invested in the game.

I’ve noticed how fantasy football, as an industry, has been growing steadily over the years. I’ve wanted to get directly involved. Over the years, I've been pitched numerous DFS opportunities. But nothing has even come close to comparing to Daily Number; it’s a game-changer.

Yes, one of the other companies has a contest like ours. But ours is different, and I think fantasy football fans will appreciate that difference.

Am I concerned about giving fans something to lash out at players online about? Of course, but I’m hoping that since you’re not going against other people, that human trash talk element won’t be as severe.

Fantasy football is supposed to be fun. I’m hopeful that since people will just need to beat a number, rather than other people, that it will help them appreciate it for what it is—another way to enjoy the game.

I'm extremely excited to be a founding partner for Daily Number and look forward to playing an active role in helping the company grow during this very dynamic time in our industry.

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