Everything on Display

Everything on Display

I loved that we got to show off what our offense can do on Sunday. You don’t score 35 points in a half (which was a franchise record) by accident. You need playmakers all over the field who can keep the defense on its heels and who can score from anywhere on the field if they have daylight. That’s exactly the sort of roster we have right now.

We were able to use that speed to our advantage in a variety of different ways - both passing and running. Guys were running free a lot in that first half and Coach Turner has to get a lot of credit for that. It felt like everything was working and it’s dope to be on the field for that.

We have a strong team right now and I think we were really able to flex our muscles last week. That doesn’t mean we can’t clean things up or correct mistakes. We definitely left plays out there. But our guys are always hungry. They want more. They’re ready for any challenge at any time.

We’re having a lot of fun right now and the winning is playing a huge part of that. This streak we’re on is not something we want to stop. We want to keep that rolling against the Steelers and we’re ready to give them our best shot on Thursday night.

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