Fast Starts

Fast Starts

What a game! A cold one at that. But you know a little snow can’t slow the Cheetah down. But for reals, we had a fast start and we needed that. To get off to a 14-0 lead so quickly was great for both sides of the ball. Our defense was working out there, to limit an offense like that to only 13 points quieted a lot of their critics. Our offense was clicking, our O-line killed it out there. When I took that reverse and saw Fisher literally at the endzone blocking that shows how hard they were working. Trav and Harris, shoutout to them for the blocks on that one too.

We got the first one down and now thanks to our regular season, we get rewarded with home-field advantage for the AFC Championship. The fact that it’s the first one ever is wild, but we’re excited about it. We think about that loss to New England because it stung, we let it slip away. We’re going to watch the film and see what we can do better. Our defense will be ready, they continue to pressure the QB and limit the big plays.

I know the fans are going to be crazy! First time ever to host the AFC Championship we need all of y’all out there cheering. A little snow won’t hurt anybody. We’re just one win away from the ultimate goal, let’s get it! #CheetahOut

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