Finding a Post-NBA Career

Finding a Post-NBA Career

When you are a young, you feel invincible, like you can play forever. The game is what you were meant for; it’s your first love. But eventually a day will come where your ready for the next challenge. I try to look at my post-NBA career like I did my playing days, it’s all about progression and passion.

That’s what athletes are all about. We spend our career working towards making progress, in college and the pros. We spend our careers working at becoming better at our craft. But you can’t continue to get better as an athlete and not evolve as a human being.

That is part of what drove to work at Officialize. I decided to work here for two reasons: It gave me the opportunity to be closer to my family. The job also gave me the opportunity to combine two things that I love—sports and helping athletes with their voice and media.

My job as the Chief Strategy Officer comes with quite a few responsibilities. I deal with a lot of the day-to-day business. That includes sometimes producing, editing, and even directing content. I help manage the voice of the social media as well as the clientele. As an actual athlete, I can provide a perspective of one—which, of course, is important since providing a first-person perspective for athletes is what we do.

As an athlete, I use my perspective to help with managing the tone of our platform and of our social media. I also am involved with the day-to-day stuff with brands and endorsements.

My average workday is dynamic and versatile. It often consists of a lot of meetings and constant communication. I’m always on the phone and sending emails; it’s me going through five different verticals.

I can honestly say I love it. I’m really enjoying just diving into this new aspect of my life, this new business venture. My coworkers don’t even bother me with annoying questions about being in the NBA. About the only thing I’m not too crazy about is the office being indoors.

I just wish the office was outside in the natural sunlight. 


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