Flipping the Script To Win

Flipping the Script To Win

We knew going in last week that it wasn’t going to be easy against Carolina. But we also know what we’re made of as a team.

When we’re faced with challenges, no matter how tough they are, we figure out a way to rise above. With a touchdown late in the fourth to get us within reach and then a field goal as time expires to win we certainly figured out a way to do just that.

It wasn’t easy. They have a great front seven, very experienced.

For the most part, we did what we could do in the run game, and then we got the win. It’s one of those tough wins. You know you have to go on the road and try to win one. We got it done.

That’s what makes our team so special.

As for my hurdle-turned-flip, it’s one of those things you don’t really think about or even expect. I don’t know what I was thinking when I was in the air, to be honest, but I’m glad I stuck the landing.

It was a great win. We celebrated it, we learned from it, and now it’s time to put it in the rearview mirror and get back to work. We have a tough one on deck against the 49ers.  

We know we can’t take the 49ers lightly. Those divisional games are never easy. They have a lot of talent on that team and I’m sure they would love to take us down.

Our preparation this week is going to be just as serious and just as meticulous as it is every week. We will give the 12s something to cheer about.    

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