Fresh Start with Old Fam

Fresh Start with Old Fam

#BirdGang I’m back!

When I left Arizona, it wasn’t an easy decision. The opportunity to play where my idol (Sean Taylor) played was too much to pass up. Things didn’t work out there after all and now I’m back in the desert and ready to get things going again. Back like I never left!

To all my fans in Washington, I still got nothing but love for y’all. The energy out there was crazy and y’all welcomed me with open arms since Day 1. I hope you guys still rock with me because I definitely still respect the love you showed me.

As for my new/old fans, what’s up AZ! I appreciate the ones that have followed me and my career so far. I’m glad to be back and I’m excited to be playing in front of you guys again. I feel like I’ve grown in my time away and I’m ready to bring all that I learned to the field out here. I hope y’all ready!

I hope everyone checks out my platform and gets ready for big things in 2019! They woke a sleeping giant and I can’t wait for the season already. #2spoonzswagggu🥄🥄

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