Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

This time of year always makes me think back to playing under the Friday night lights at Onondaga High School in Nedrow, NY. I remember the big plays, the close games but more than anything I remember the fun and the friendships with my teammates. 

We had a lot of wins while I was there, lots of big games and some memorable comebacks but what I remember most was our pregame meals. The whole team would go to a church down the street from school for a feast of spaghetti and meatballs. The team moms would make sides to go with the meal and it felt like we were having a big family dinner. It was a great time for us to hang out and laugh. It gives me chills even now to think back to those meals with my brothers.

I still try my best to keep up with the coaches I had back then. Those men poured a lot into me growing up and I want to return the favor now. That’s one of the reasons why I still spend time with the current players and coaches because I want to invest in the place that invested in me. 

Onondaga High is not big by any means and you know almost everybody in the school. It is those close relationships and memories that you never forget no matter how many years go by. That is why I still come back home. I will never forget the place and the people that made me the man that I am now.

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