From Florida To The NFL

From Florida To The NFL

I knew playing professional football could be in my future once I was able to touch the field at UCF and be the player I knew I could be. I knew that if I work hard I could be unstoppable and maybe have a chance to make it to the next level.


I went through a lot at UCF but I can say it help build me into the man I am today. There were a lot of times that were tough, but I keep my head up and made it to we’re I am now.


You hear all these crazy stories about veterans harassing and hazing rookie, but from my experience, the vets have been nothing but nice and extremely welcoming. I was just excited and honored to be around them and the rest of my new teammates. Them being so nice just made it easier.


My attitude and approach could have something to do with how it’s been for me. If future rookies want my advice, I’d say be respectful and get to work on the field. Make your name by showing you have the right kind of work ethic and attitude.


I can’t really pick out any one person as being particularly influential, yet. Everyone on the team has been great. Every one of my new teammates welcomed me and give me a few words of encouragement. I can honestly say I’m blessed to be a part of such a great organization.


My mind set has always been to surround myself with great people, and I couldn’t have been chosen by a better team.


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