Fun In Orlando

Fun In Orlando

What a blessing it was to go to Orlando for the Pro Bowl! To be able to hang out with the NFL’s elites and pick people’s brains on how they approach football is crazy. All of the events that the NFL puts on are a blast, the Skills Challenge is fun to watch, seeing different skills put on the map. It’s just being able to let loose and have some fun is great.

I got to do some stuff outside of football too, as I got to take my wife kids to Disneyworld. They were asking to go all week so I had to take them to see Mickey and walk around to all of the different places, those memories are just as great as the ones on the field.

The game was a lot of fun man, seeing some of these receivers and running backs line up with us on the defensive side was a treat. I may have to be careful giving tips to some of these guys on how to line up on the secondary so I don’t give anything away. I was hoping when Mike Evans had picked that ball off we were going to be able to lateral all the way to the endzone but just missed.

Being chosen to another Pro Bowl was a blessing, being able to hang out with the family and have some fun with my kids just added to that blessing. I’m hoping there’s more Pro Bowls in my future, but also hoping I’ll be able to miss them because I will be playing in the game the week after. #OnePride

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