Getting Rested For The Second Half

Getting Rested For The Second Half

It wasn’t easy but we’ll take that win over the Bucs. We definitely could have made it easier on ourselves but in the end, we got the W.

Our team is loving the feeling that we have as we are stringing wins together. Guys are going out and giving their all when they are on the field. I love seeing guys take on smaller roles in order to do what’s best for the squad. We see what it takes to play winning football and guys are willing to make the sacrifices to get it done.

Our bye week this week is coming at the absolute perfect time for all of us. It’s falling right in the middle of the season so it will be a great chance for so many of us to rest for the second half of the season. It also is going to be a great week for some of our guys to rest and rehab any nagging injuries that they have been playing though all year. It is amazing what a week of rest can do for a guys body.

You better believe I’m going to soak up every bit of rest that I can during this bye week.


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