Girl who lost her arm to same condition as Shaquem Griffin sees him play on his new turf

Girl who lost her arm to same condition as Shaquem Griffin sees him play on his new turf

There was a special moment between Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin and one of his biggest fans from Texas at Sunday's last game of the season.

Both share a bond after losing their arms to the same condition.

Julianna Linton got to see Griffin in action for the first time after he was drafted earlier this year.

It was the moment Julianna had been waiting for—seeing the NFL history making rookie who inspires her on his new turf with the Seahawks.

"She's thrilled!” said Clark Linton, Julianna’s dad. “She can't believe she's on the field. It's a little overwhelming."

What led to the reunion goes back to a video Julianna sent to the 23-year-old linebacker wishing him good luck after Griffin made NFL history as the first player with one hand drafted to the league.

Griffin was born with amniotic band syndrome. His left hand was amputated when he was four.

Julianna lost her arm to the same condition. She’s a competitive cheerleader

"She sees that Shaquem doesn't let anything get in the way,” said Linton. “She sees someone that is a football player, not a one-handed football player. And because she does competitive cheerleading, her teammates think of her as that as well."

Their bond goes back to the University of Central Florida where Griffin played before the pros and Julianna got treatment for her prosthetic arm.

A bond that continues today as she now joins the 12s to support her hero and inspire others.

"She has no idea she's an inspiration to other people. So, seeing this and taking it all in, she sees what an inspiration Shaquem has been,” said Linton. "He has a great story and it's wonderful that he's been able to share it with people like Julianna, so she can go on and share her story as well."

    Source: KOMO News | Tammy Mutasa | December 30, 2018

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