Handling Adversity

Handling Adversity

We got the news this week that nobody wanted to hear: that Jimmy was out for the season. We know the hard work he put in all offseason and training camp, and it’s the worst when things like this happen. We hate to lose Jimmy, but we still got a job to do and we got to show out for him.


We have all the confidence in the world in CJ. He has some experience and he has all the athletic and mental tools to be a successful QB. We’re all going to have to help him out and he knows we got his back. Matt and the run game will have to be that much stronger. It’s no accident that Matt was at the top of the leaderboards after our first three games. Giving him the ball more will only give him even more opportunities to break off big plays.


We’ve got the guys on this offense to help CJ out and not miss a beat. Marquise getting 100% will be key for us because when he’s healthy, he’s a game-changer. I’ve been around a while so I know what it takes to get the guys going and I’m gonna do that.


Even with this adversity, Sunday is still coming and the Chargers will still be ready for us. They have a great ability to pressure the quarterback so us receivers will have to get open and allow CJ to get the ball out quick. We have a good game plan and I think we’ll be able to surprise some people out there.


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