Heading Into Rookie Minicamp

Heading Into Rookie Minicamp

This season can’t come soon enough for me. I have loved the past 3 years at Maryland and I will never forget those years but I have a new number on my back and I could not be more excited to get started with Carolina. I am super lucky to have Torrey Smith starting his first season with Carolina with me, and I’m excited to learn the playbook with him and the other guys in the receivers room and also learn some stuff from them as well.

As soon as I heard the commissioner say my name on Draft day, I couldn’t believe this was real life. My family was on either side of me and everyone was in tears. I really tried to hold back my emotions but it was to surreal and a couple tears slipped out. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life and not much could ever compare to that.

After the Draft, Cam Newton actually called me and told me that he couldn’t be more excited to get to work with me and that really just made me want to get to work immediately. I think that was cool of him to do that and really shows what kind of a guy he is. I think him and I have the potential to build a really special relationship.

I have a lot to learn over the next few months, but I am anxious to get started with the new playbook and everything that comes with it. I’ll be transitioning from a spread offense to a pro style offense. There is a big learning curve that comes with that, but back in my freshman year of college we ran a pro style offense as well so I have the basics from that.

I am super blessed to be able to be a member of the Carolina Panthers, and I look forward to creating my own legacy for them. We have a good foundation in the executives, and we have one of the premier quarterbacks in the league that I get to catch passes for so I really can’t complain. The warm weather is also a plus for me so I am really happy with where I ended up.

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