High Expectations

High Expectations

This year we have high expectations. We want to build off the things we were able to do well last year and come together as a team for another deep playoff run. Sure, there are outside expectations but we have our own expectations and we can’t look ahead. We can’t win a Super Bowl unless we continue to get better and that is what camp is for...to get better each day.


This year training camp is a little different than last year-when I was coming off and injury. When you come into practice healthy you can improve on your game instead of working to get back to just being healthy. So in that aspect, camp this year is much different than last. When you are healthy you are able to improve and get better. That was one of the things I wasn't able to do last year was come into camp get on the field, get better and be involved.  


I just try to practice hard and with a purpose. I try to improve as a runner and I am confident that the rest will work itself out. Practice is everything to me. It’s what allows you to play the way you play because you put the work in during the week and in the offseason. I am a big believer in practice. Some people don’t like to practice but I love it.


Just like last year, we have another dangerous back field. It’s going to be a great year for Dalvin and I. We both have different running styles that compliment each other when it comes to attacking the defense. He and I talk about all the yards out there for both of us but we need to be at our best and coming off an injury he looks really good. I am excited for what is to come.

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