How Gronk Got His New Pearly Whites by Teaming Up With a Teeth Whitening Company

How Gronk Got His New Pearly Whites by Teaming Up With a Teeth Whitening Company

If you follow Gronk on social media (and if you aren't ... why the hell not???), you’ve no doubt seen him share posts about how much his loves his Snow Teeth Whitening Kit and his new pearly whites.

Now you may think that this is just some promotion set up by agents and lawyers, but Rob’s personal investment in Snow runs way deeper than that.

Last summer, when Gronk was host and producer of “MVP" -- a “Shark Tank”-style show produced by Russ Axelrod and Jamie Patricof where he fielded pitches with other star athletes from budding entrepreneurs -- Snow Teeth Whitening was one of the products that most impressed him. 

Check them out in the Season 2 trailer below! 

The Scottsdale, Arizona, startup was founded in 2016 by Josh Elizetxe, who had already sold five companies. He went on “MVP” to prove that as at least 40 percent of Snow’s customers were already men – even the toughest athletes can benefit from a confident smile.

Snow can be easily used at home without going to the dentist, but one of the biggest bonuses is that every system sold helps one of the 19 million children in America who don’t have access to dental care. Elizetxe went on to offer “the biggest deal in the history of this show,” to Gronk and his panelists, and asked them who wanted to take a bite out of the billion-dollar industry? Elizetxe then dropped the zinger by offering them “15 percent of the company.”

Of course, Rob posed the most important question: “Do you think you can get my teeth as blingy as your shoes?”

Taking just 15 minutes a day and connecting with any computer or smartphone, Snow is as about as easy as it gets, especially for Gronk who likes to whiten while he plays video games. “It’s just like chilling with a mouth guard,” he said. 

“I’ve never used teeth whitening in my life but I always wanted to try it to see how it looked,” Gronk told Elizetxe while on “MVP.”

“But if it works, I’m in.” It worked, and he’s in.

Almost a year later, Gronk is hyped about the results and his teeth are as white as the Patriots’ lucky white jerseys. 

Heading into the 2018 season, you may wonder why Gronk is getting involved in new companies like Snow along with his fulltime job.

“Sports can bring you so far, but it’s always good to do things off the field and know what’s going on … have an education in the business world and know what’s out there,” he explained. “Sports doesn’t last your entire life. It is good to get a business sense, business savvy and then when it comes down to that time, you’re ready to roll.”

Now Rob is used to getting smashed on the football field, but no one wants to voluntarily have tooth pain and Snow is the only serum on the market that comes with an anti-sensitivity formulation to prevent sensitivity.  

One key question that Gronk had asked was “is it safe?” and the manufactures say yes, the system is LED so doesn’t cause cancer, doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, and never tests on animals.

No one has time to sit for an hour in a dental office to get whiter teeth, but even an NFL tight end can spend 15 to 30 minutes a day wearing Snow plugged into their iPhone.

If you want to try Snow for yourself, click here and use the discount code “Gronk” for 25 percent off.


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