How Is Tom Brady Celebrating His 41st Birthday? On the Football Field Grinding it Out as Always

How Is Tom Brady Celebrating His 41st Birthday? On the Football Field Grinding it Out as Always

How does the best quarterback in the history of the NFL celebrate turning 41 on Friday? Throwing perfect passes at training camp, of course.

Tom Brady spent the week of his milestone birthday exactly where he has for the past 19 years -- on the field at Gillette Stadium. 

Who can forget last year when the G.O.A.T.'s 40th birthday was honored with five baby goats all wearing Brady jerseys at Patriots Place, which was dubbed the “Greatest Petting Zoo of All Time.”

This year, can we get 41 furry kids of every year of Brady’s life?


With the Patriots’ first preseason game against the Washington Redskins on Aug. 9 less that a week away, there’s no skipping valuable practice time for pesky birthday parties. Not that Brady is one to gorge on (organic) champagne and (plant-based) cake, although we did find this “mouthwatering” recipe for Black Bean Brownie Sundae on the TB12-affiliated Purple Carrot website.

Brady’s age is a constant source of conversation for anyone in the NFL or who has ever watched a football game, with the man himself even addressing it directly in the groundbreaking Facebook Watch “Tom vs. Time” documentary series last year.

Knowing that he’d be hounded by questions and media speculation on his birthday, Brady tackled the issue of his age head-on in a new blog for his Religion of Sports website (which he, not coincidentally, co-founded with “Tom vs. Time” director Gotham Chopra and former New York Giants nemesis Michael Strahan).   

“Over the last few seasons I’ve become a lot more aware of time, in general. It’s not just training camp or football -- it’s everything. There’s a lot of sacrifice that goes into this not just from me, but from my family, too,” Brady told ROS. “My wife, my kids -- I’m not as available during the football season.

“For that reason alone, I’m conscious of a certain mental transition that begins to occur as camp gets started; an awareness of what it’s going to take for our team to succeed at the highest level. With that being said, I’m as excited as ever to try to achieve our team goals!”


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So what are Tom’s survival tips to training camp after almost two decades of the summer grind?

“I am a creature of habit. I like my routines. So I’d say those are the must haves: I need good sleep. I need good nutrition. I need time to reconnect with my coaches and teammates, get my timing right on the field, and review tape. I need time to work with Alex. And I need minimal distractions, so that I can accomplish all of those things,” he said.

“There are no shortcuts to training camp. Consistency, focus, determination, and discipline on a daily basis are what being a professional is all about -- not any lucky charms or gadgets!”

But just because Brady is almost 41 now, don’t worry that he’s lost that childish glee for everything football ... or that he’s planning to retire anytime soon. 

“Football is my entertainment. There’s nothing I love more, which is why I’m still playing. Knowing that my coaches, teammates, and I are aligned on our goals -- which is to get better every day and go deep into the season again -- is what excites me the most,” he said.

“Getting out on the practice field with them and getting our timing right, tinkering with new ideas and plays, figuring out the chemistry with the new guys, going at it with the defense -- all of it -- is what drives me. I mean, I love it. I guess that you could say I found my conviction 😉. It’s football season -- LET’S GO!!!!”


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