How to Become A Professional Racer

How to Become A Professional Racer

A lot of people always ask me how I got started in the racing industry and I really don’t have an exact answer for that. It really just comes from working your way through the system and having a passion for these machines that we are racing.  I remember being thirteen years old watching all of the crew work on these drag cars and being so intrigued by the way they are able to make this car go so fast just by using their hands.  The whole crew was so fast and systematic whether they were just doing a simple tune up or changing out the engine. Seeing that is what really got me to fall in love with this sport.


            From that point I got involved in Junior Dragsters I was able to learn about the car inside and out and that just furthered my passion for racing. I became obsessed with working on the car and making it as good as it could possibly be before race day. These race cars are some of the most powerful vehicles on earth so it is really important for us to take proper care of them and make sure they are running smoothly.


            What I love about my job is that every day I am able to learn something that I can improve on. Always being able to strive to be better has made it easy to never get complacent with myself and that is really what has created this passion I have for racing. Sometimes I look back at how far I have come but I also know I have more to learn and that is what excites me. I am a professional drag racer and proud of it.  


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