I'm Ready. Are you?

I'm Ready. Are you?

It's hard for me to imagine another person who loves football as much as I do. Football isn't just a sport for me. This is my identity. I didn’t say that I’m the best wide receiver in the draft to get page views or get people to talk about me more.


I said it because I am. I may not have won the awards or the titles that some other guys did. But that’s alright-- I’m fine with being doubted. I love it actually.


You see, I believe I have attributes and skills that a lot of players could say they have, but I don’t think there’s one thing that I can’t do. I believe I’m just a different type of receiver all in one — and someday guys are going to be like, ‘Oh, you play like Anthony Miller,’ because I believe I’m a one-of-a-kind type of guy.


I know it will take work to get it done in the NFL. There will be some adjustments that I’ll have to make—and that’s fine.  That’s why I go to work. That’s why I play the game, and that’s why people will love watching me as much as I love playing.


Working hard has always been part of my game plan; it’s part of who I am. I’ll figure out how to make whatever adjustments I need to make. I’ll thrive in the NFL just like I did in college.


I’m going to continue to dedicate myself to getting better and better. No matter how many yards, touchdowns, catches I get, there’s always room for improvement. I’m just ready to get to this next level and shine the way I know I can.


Because I’m not just willing to put in the work—I love it. I look forward to it everyday.  


My man Mitch [Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky] doesn’t shy away from it either. Working with him during OTAs and minicamp has been great. I see him every day, talk to him every day and we’re just building that chemistry. He’s a relatively new guy coming into the league and so am I, and we’re looking forward to tearing it up this year.



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