It’s All About the Here and Now

It’s All About the Here and Now

I get asked a lot about what if the Legion of Boom had stayed together and healthy, what if Marshawn hadn’t retired. Could we have won more Super Bowls? I have no idea. We didn’t keep it together. It didn’t work out that way, so I don’t really dwell on it.

The season we play Seattle twice in three weeks late in the season. People seem to want to know how I feel about that. I don’t circle those dates. I take it one week at a time. I’ll get to those games when I get there.

When I do-- it’s just going to be another day in the neighborhood. I feel at home at both stadiums. It won’t feel much different than any.

Yeah, it’s going to be just another week. But when the time comes, it will be another opponent we’re trying to beat-- and I’ll go up there and put on a show, of course.

All that stuff is in the future, so I’m really not even thinking about it. My concern is more about the here and now; getting myself ready for the season and doing what I can to help my teammates.

There are a lot of young guys on this team. If they want advice or anything, I’m more than happy to help. But I can’t give them anything. It takes work, diligence, and dedication. I’ll give them tools that I have, the information and knowledge that I’ve received over the years.

I can help anytime they want after practice or anytime during practice.

I want to do what I can for them, but I must make sure I take care of me first. As I get older, it becomes even more important to continue to eat right and do what it takes on a daily basis to help the body regenerate and prep (i.e., oxygen chambers, etc.).

As for my rehab, it’s going fantastic. I’m back on the field now. I can backpedal, ladders, and things like that. I’m running on a treadmill. I’ll be good to go when it’s time to play football.

I will be ready to go and face every challenge that comes my way like I always have. I enjoy the challenge of ARod [Aaron Rodgers] and Tom [Brady]. They’re fun to go against on Game Day. It’ll be fun going against Kirk [Cousins]. He’s got a great arm and always challenged us in Seattle.

As for all the young QB’s coming into the league this season, I’m not really thinking about them. I don’t really judge players until they play in our league. Good or bad. What you did in college doesn’t mean much in this league.

If you can go up and play at a high level, then consider me impressed.

Until you do, I’m not going to worry about you. I’ve got enough to do in the here

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