It Was a Different Kind of OTA This Year

It Was a Different Kind of OTA This Year

I definitely have a different perspective on OTAs this year. I’m not used to watching from the sideline, but I can honestly say that it’s been fun. It’s been fun to watch guys grow, you know, throughout the nine or ten OTA practices, whatever it was.

But it has also frustrating because you know most of the plays that are coming and how people are going to attack. But you can’t do anything from the sidelines; just tell guys where to be and when to be there. Most of the time they are figuring it out and making big plays-- so it’s been exciting.

As for me and my rehab—I’m on track with where we expected me to be. My body is feeling good, and if I wasn’t an eight-year vet, I’d have been out there getting more reps in. But they don’t seem to think I need the reps and I don’t think I need the reps, so it works out.

I’m real excited to get back on the field again. It’s exciting anytime you get a chance to get back on the field. Training camp is going be a lot of fun. I’m sure I’ll be excited for like the first three practices. I’m going to have to get back into the rhythm and everything, you know, but that’s part of the process.

I feel light years better than I have in comparison to the past few years. This is the first offseason I’ve actually had a chance to heal up and let all the ailments go away. I’ll be completely healthy and ready to go.

Growth During OTAs

I’m not crazy about the sideline, of course. But it has given me a chance to really watch my teammates and see how they play and how they’ve grown.

They certainly have been growing, too.  T-More [Tarvarius Moore] and McFadden, those guys have been growing exponentially every day. Tyvis Powell has been having the best OTAs I’ve seen him have. Obviously, you have guys like Spoon [Ahkello Witherspoon] that looks ready to take that second-year leap.

Adrian Colbert has some things in common with Earl Thomas. You can see that the instincts are there, his ball skills, his range, and he can get sideline to sideline. He’s made some unbelievable plays in OTAs. He and Jaquiski [Tartt] do a phenomenal job and they're interchangeable in their talents and technique.

What Jimmie Ward lacks in size he makes up for it with speed, explosiveness, and instincts. I don’t think he’s missing anything. I think there are more ways than one to skin a cat and play corner and Jimmie is just a different type of corner than Spoon.


I know a lot of guys are going to take some nice vacations; I’ve done that in the past. But this year I don’t have anything planned. I’ll just be grinding and trying to get in shape so I don’t look fat when I get out there.

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