Juiced Up For The Patriots

Juiced Up For The Patriots

Playing in the NFL is something that always gets me excited, but there are always a few games every year that I get a little bit more juiced up for. One of those games this year is playing the Pats this week. I’m looking forward to going against the team that I played for and won a championship with. I’ll know a lot of the guys on the other sideline on Sunday, so I’ll definitely want to show them that I have a little something left.


Obviously, one of our keys to winning against New England will be to eliminate mental mistakes and turnovers. We’ve struggled with that over the first two games and we have to improve there if we want to beat a a team like the Patriots. They excel at exploiting a team’s weakness and forcing them into turnovers. We can’t afford to do that on Sunday.


We have to be ready to take on one of the best quarterbacks and head coaches in TB and Coach Belichick. Playing against that sort of greatness means we gotta bring it. We have to change some of these bad habits we’ve developed to go against the habits that have built a dynasty in New England.


We have put in the work and study but it’s up to us to execute. The guys on this team still have a lot of fight and pride left in them so I know they’ll be all in for this game. We are ready to get a win under our belts and set the table for the rest of this season.

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