Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

Colts fans what a year! No one expected us to do what we did, except for us. All of the analysts and critics had us in a rebuilding year, they weren’t sure of the names we had on both sides of the ball. The only ones who believed in us from the start were the guys grinding at practice and OTAs back in April. We knew we had the talent to make a deep playoff run.

When we were 1-5 we had people counting us out, they kept saying wait till next year to see what the Colts can do. Well, the Colts are here and we are not going anywhere! We finished 10-6 on the season and beat the 3 seed in the first round. We came up short of the big picture but we know we’re just getting started.

We’re young. Young and hungry. We got a taste of the postseason and we’re ready for 2019. I’m blessed I didn’t have any major injuries this year, of course, it killed me to not play in that last game but it was beyond my control.

I have a lot of faith in the front office to make the moves to get us ready for 2019, but let me tell you this. 2019 is going to be our year, I’m ready.

Want to give a quick shoutout to the fans man, you guys have been riding with us all season, even at the lowest point. Make sure you stay locked to my platform as I have special plans coming this offseason.

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