Let's Go Bucs!!

Let's Go Bucs!!

Bucs Nation let’s go!! I’m so excited to be back in Tampa and playing in front of all the fans who come out every Sunday. When last season was over I knew I wanted to come back, I’ve known this organization for three years and they are the ones who gave me my chance. I love all my teammates and there’s not a better group of guys who I would want to surround myself with.

I just want to improve in my game but also continue to turn this franchise around, I know we have the pieces to be great. We showed signs of an elite offense last year and we are just going to continue to learn from last year to be even better this year.

I want to make Bucs Nation proud! You guys have supported me since day one, being an undrafted rookie I didn’t know what was to come of my journey but I’m so happy that I’ll be throwing on a Bucs uni next season!

To my family and friends thank you for everything you guys continue to do for me and grateful for everyone who has been a part of my journey so far. To all the Bucs fans out there let’s get to work!!

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