Making Plays

Making Plays

This league is one where every team has talent. Every team has guys that can bring it. When teams are all close in talent, it really comes down to who makes big plays each game.

On Thanksgiving Day we left two or three plays out on the field against Dallas and that cost us the game. We played that game really well. Our defense played fast and physical. Our offense made plays. In the end, we didn’t make enough game-changing plays.

We got a big one with Philadelphia coming up and we’ll need to tighten up our execution. They’re still the defending champs. As a defense, we have to limit their big plays. We can’t let Wentz get too comfortable.

We’re still in this playoff and division race, we just need to focus on the job at hand with the Eagles this week. If we can keep focused and stay locked in for these next five games then we’ll be playing in January.

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