Message Sent

Message Sent

Our guys played lights out against the Raiders on Thursday. That game meant a lot to us because it was a primetime game and a big rivalry for fans here in the Bay Area. We wanted to show everyone what this team is all about and I think we were able to send that message clearly by being dominant in every phase of the game.

I was so excited to see Nick out there and playing well. A lot of people were surprised by the success he had, but no one on this team was shocked by what he did. Nick is one of the hardest workers on this team and he might be the most prepared person on this team for every game - coaches included.

It felt good for me to be able to get a score on our opening drive against the Raiders. We had them in a 3rd and short so it was the perfect time to run play action. Nick faked the handoff perfectly and then booted to the right. He sold the fake so well that all their DBs came up to stop the run which left me wide open. All Nick had to do was to drop the ball to me and I was able to walk into the end zone.

It was a great win for us and I think that it will be a great jumping off point for us as a team. A dominant win like that can give a team a lot of confidence because it gives us a taste of what sort of team we can be when everything comes together. There’s a good vibe on this team right now and we are excited to take on the Giants on Monday Night Football and try to get a win streak going.

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