My Achilles Injury, Before and After

My Achilles Injury, Before and After

The week before my Achilles finally went I knew there was a chance it could. It had a bit of a tear or a rip already causing me to miss practice all week. Our team doctor just thought it was tendonitis.

But they had me go to another doctor for a second opinion and he had something else to say. According to him, it looked like there were some small micro-tears going through it. But he also said there wasn’t anything I could do for it.  

I could either you sit out the next game or maybe the rest of the season to rest it. Or I could keep playing. There was no doubt in my mind what I was going to do. I’m a competitor. So, until it goes, I was going to play.

When it finally did go, I felt like I was playing pretty good leading up to the moment it happened. But in the end, I just got a little fatigued and it went.

I didn’t waste any time getting the surgery done. There used to be this huge giant vertical scar you’d get from these surgeries. Now it’s about a two-inch horizontal scar that you won’t even notice. A lot of people can’t tell which foot I had surgery on because the scar is tiny.

Rehab involved a lot of basic things. I did some of the work at the team facility; some at home. I was kind of always at it. I could be sitting at dinner doing calf raises. The way I saw it-- if I wasn’t getting better, I was getting worse.

But I had to be careful, though. You can overstretch your Achilles if you do too much too early. So, a big part of rehab is being patient and waiting until it fully heals before you put any tension on it.

It’s a tough process; one you really have to grind out—which is what I did. Because of that, everyday I’ve felt like progress was made.

It just takes time.

But I appreciate challenges like this. Because of the work I’ve put in, I think this is going to be one of the more enjoyable years I’ve had in a long time.


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