My Charity Basketball Game

My Charity Basketball Game

My second annual celebrity basketball game at Benedict College was a huge success. This year the proceeds from the event went to the Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands. It was an awesome experience and I think we made a very positive impact on the kids who came.


It always feels good coming back to South Carolina, no matter what the reason, its home for me. But it felt especially good this time because of the things we’re doing. We’re really trying to make a difference in these kids lives, some of them don’t have much to look forward to and they lack solid role models.


The kids got to hang out with me and the other pros, play ball with us, and then we put on a show for everyone to enjoy. I used to be a kid and I looked up to pro players. All I wanted to be able to talk and interact with them just like I would do with any close friend. We give the kids the opportunity to do just that. From the high fives to the pointers on their jump shots, its a good time for everyone.


I think its extremely important to hold these types of events. I’ve been visiting with the Boys and Girls Club the last two weeks, and to put smiles on those kids faces means a lot to me. That’s what is all about at the end of the day, making kids happy.


I’m very thankful for the guys that came out to show support. Melvin Ingram, Jared Cook, Pharoh Cooper, Mike Davis all were happy to come out and I salute them for that.


I grew up in Greenwood. I’m a South Carolina boy. I know the struggles and the things South Carolina people have to go through. I just want to give back and show the kids that they can make it out just like I did. I have been very blessed in my life, and I just want to pay it forward and help out the community, whether that be home in South Carolina, the D.C. area, or really wherever I am. 

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