My First Game

My First Game

Your first game in the NFL is always something that will stick with you for your whole life. It’s a moment that you’ve worked towards for years.To finally be able to take the field in a Bronco uniform was a dream come true for me.


My first game was against the Colts, which was a trip at the time because Peyton was our QB. It was obviously a huge game because it was a season opener, but there was something a little extra there. We wanted to go out there and win the game for Peyton.


He definitely went out there and did his part on offense. Peyton came out hot and threw three TD passes in the first half. Peyton was playing with purpose and we all knew it. We just didn’t want to let him down.


Andrew Luck tried his best to bring the Colts back from a 24-0 hole. He led a furious second half comeback by throwing the ball all over the field. I remember getting a lot of work on my side of the field because I was the rookie but I was trying my best to keep all the plays in front of me.


We ended up winning the game 31-24 but it came down to the Colts last drive. It was 4th-and-6 and Luck dropped back to pass. He tried to squeeze it in to Reggie Wayne but I was able to break up the pass and preserve the win. The defense knew we had to make a play to finish the game off and I’m just glad I was able to make that play in my very first NFL game.

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