My First Interception

My First Interception

I’ve racked up a lot of INTs in my career; I think my career total stands at something like 34 right now. And I’ve done a lot with the picks I’ve gotten.

There was only one last year, and I certainly made the most of it. Dak was trying to get the Cowboys in the end zone, but I read the play, picked him off, and took that thing back 103 yards for the score.

I wanted to run up into the crowd and get me a hot dog or something. But I kept it lowkey with the fans.

I gotta admit-- I REALLY wanted to get into that end zone. I was looking straight ahead once I got the ball in my hands.

That one was a little cooler than most of the rest because it was the 10th pick-six of my career. But, you know what they say, the one that stays with you the most is the first one. The first is the one you never forget.

I didn’t have to wait too long to get mine.

It was my second regular season game and the first home game of my career. It was also the first road start for rookie Matt Ryan. It was a third-and-long and we had them backed up near the end zone. I did just like I’ve done many times since— read the play, broke on the ball, and made the catch.

It would have been dope if that first one could have been a pick-6, but it wasn’t. It’s all good though because we ended up scoring anyway.


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