My Kids, My Legacy

My Kids, My Legacy

What’s it like being a parent?

People without kids like to ask what’s your favorite part about being a parent. For me it’s just being present; you know—with them. I don’t have a specific favorite family activity; I just like doing things with my kids. It doesn’t matter what it is; we could be just going to get donuts or going to get yogurt. I’m cool just hanging out in the backyard playing ball, barbies, GI Joes, playing Play Station—it doesn’t matter.

I love being around my family and being present.

Parenting can be fun, but it isn’t always fun. One of my favorite things about being a parent is being transparent; I don’t have to seem like I know it all. Kids give you that kind of freedom. As for one of my least favorite things—I’d have to say making sure my kids are hanging out at the right kid’s houses.

I don’t want them hanging out anywhere or with anyone that can be a bad influence on them. So, I have to make sure their friends’ parents are on board with the same things we believe.

I have to know how they represent themselves.

If the kids want to be athletes, that’s fine. If they don’t, that’s fine too. My son wants to be one. All he cares about is academics and basketball—and he’s found them on his own. I didn’t push him in that direction.

My daughter is supremely athletic, but she’s still trying to find her voice. She says she doesn’t want to be a girly girly, but she does. Right now she’s just trying to find her voice-- but she’s crazy athletic.


I will want them to choose their own path in life, but I do not want them taking up football or gymnastics. Football is the only thing that is pretty much a no go. Gymnastics, too—at least until they unweird the gymnastics situation.

If there athletic and/or academic endeavors find them going to UCLA, my alma mater, later in life—I’d love it. My son is already talking about it; he’s included in his 10-20 year life plan his desire to attend UCLA. He knows he wants to stay on campus and what he’s going to study.

It will mean the world to me if they continue their education there-- and they’ll be close to home.

Me and the NBA

One of the many great things about kids is how different they can be even though you haven’t done anything different raising them. For example, my kids know about my NBA career, and they approach it in different ways.

My son’s a little protective of me and my time in the NBA. He’s very keen on me having my privacy, so he doesn’t tell a lot of people or even his close friends. My daughter, on the other hand, just loves it. She’s like on the opposite scale; she loves it and is fully on board with it.

I think she just loves the fact that her dad is huge.

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