My NFL Dreams

My NFL Dreams

Some guys know early, some guys know late and some guys don’t realize until they’re actually in the league. For me, I’ve known since 6th grade that I wanted to play in the NFL.

I didn’t start playing football until 4th grade. Until then, I was mostly into soccer and basketball, but once I started playing football, I knew I had a chance to do something with it. I was better than most kids my age. It wasn’t always easy though. There were times I remember thinking that this sport wasn’t for me. Luckily those times didn’t last too long and it led me here.

Sometimes it’s crazy to think that I made it as a wide receiver because I always thought I’d make it as a running back. One of my idols was Christian Okoye, who was a running back and one of my dad’s favorite players since they were both from Nigeria. I loved the way he played the game.

Not until high school did I make the switch to receiver. Looking back, it was definitely the right move. Both in high school and in college, I had to sit behind some talented guys early on. It was tough but it definitely helped me learn, get better and be ready for my opportunity. Once I got my chance though, I shined.

It wasn’t easy getting to the NFL but all the blood, sweat and tears were worth it. For any kids looking to make it, my biggest piece of advice is to always have fun. The minute you make it more than a game is the minute you make it more difficult. You should never forget the reason you’re playing is to have fun at the end of the day.

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