My Role, the Running Backs Room, and OTAs

My Role, the Running Backs Room, and OTAs

I sometimes get asked why I think I’ve ended up playing for so many different teams.  I’m not a negative person so I can’t say anything negative about it. To me, it’s a blessing. Now the Lions are my team, Detroit is my new home, and I’ve excited to see what the future brings.


I look forward to showing the fans what they will get in me-- a good veteran running back that has a lot of years and a lot of miles left on him. I will go out and play as hard as I possibly can for the organization and for Matty P. I’m not one that’s used to losing a lot of games, and Matty P isn’t one that’s used to losing a lot of games.


We want to go out there and do everything possible to get wins—and we’re going to do it.

My Role


I came here with the intent to help out in every manner that I can. Whatever that may be, that’s Coach Patricia’s call. I just came out here to make sure that my presence is felt and take advantage of everything that I could possibly take advantage of.


If that means more goal line and short yardage carries for me—that’s fine. But what people often don’t realize is that those carries are a collective effort. You can’t do it individually. I can’t run over 11 guys. They usually only leave me with one guy to run over. Most of the times, I just have to beat him.


There aren’t many guys out there as big as me. I try my best to win that battle.

Running Backs Room and OTAs


Ameer and Theo, I like them. I’ve seen them play before and I like the grittiness. I like how hard they play. You can tell they play with a lot of passion.


As for Kerryon Johnson, the fact that we drafted him to add depth and even more talent to our room was a good thing. He grinds man, he works hard, he studies and does everything the right way. He does everything the way he’s supposed to do it. He’s a good competitor.


With a room like this, the competition for touches is going to be tough; touches will be earned. These guys have made it pretty clear during OTAs-- we’re here to grind, compete, work hard and get better every day.


That’s what we’re all about.



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