My Thoughts On The Combine

My Thoughts On The Combine

When I think of the combine I have some mixed feelings on the event. I think it’s a great opportunity for players to help continue to build their stock or even put their names in the scout’s mouths. It’s interesting because there are so many predictions made prior to the draft. There are analysts who make their draft decision as soon as the college seasons are over, even during the season. Then they focus on the combine to “solidify” their predictions. You can’t judge someone based on what you see in drills.

The intangibles are what you can’t grade and analysts try to use intangibles to judge their picks. Anyone can look good jumping and running and doing what is asked. When there are 21 other players on the field and you’re in full pads it changes everything and the judgment is not equivalent. They try to predict how players do in the interviews and base their predictions off that as well. It’s an interesting event and I feel analysts try to predict a little too much.

When you’re invited it guarantees absolutely nothing, and if you don’t get to go it also guarantees absolutely nothing. You had guys like Tom Brady getting drafted in the 6th round. Why? Because of the way he performed at the combine? No one looked at him and thought 1st overall pick and here we are still talking about him.

I just think some of the drills are outdated and cannot accurately depict how well a guy can perform in the NFL. You can have a guy run a 4.1 or 4.2 but cannot play in the NFL and then you have guys who for their position are “slow” and yet they last 8-10 years. There needs to be more accountability for these analysts to be judging us on events that don’t necessarily translate to the NFL.

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