My Unusual Diet

My Unusual Diet

People ask me about my diet all of the time. They are always shocked when I tell them that my diet is almost completely plant based. Yes that’s right, I’m a vegan. Well technically I’m a Pescatarian, because I do eat fish.


It all started back in 2015. Eric Berry had a meal plan that consisted of mostly chicken and fish. So I tried it, and I successfully cut out red meat. It was a big change at first and I fought some cravings, but I got over it fast. And in 2016, with my girlfriend, I took out the chicken and did seafood only. I’m currently very close to having a plant based diet.



I noticed a lot of people started to get worried about me losing weight, but I haven’t. I was playing at 203 pounds when I was eating poultry, and since cutting out the poultry I’m playing at 202. So barely a change at all. I’m a slim guy, so as long as I eat protein I’m going to keep my weight.


There is plenty of protein in seeds and nuts, a lot of people don’t understand that. For example, Chia seeds have a lot of protein. You don’t have to eat meat to get protein. I also eat a lot of veggie burgers and tofu and those have plenty of protein. Most guys just don’t want to eat chia seeds though. It’s not the ideal thing to taste. But as far as getting your protein and getting the things that you need, a lot of plants, fruits, and vegetables have that. I also drink shakes constantly. My teammates will be like “Bro, what you got in in that?” Mostly they’re filled with seeds, fruits, kale, cucumber, and spinach. 


I feel ten times better than I’ve ever felt body wise, sleep wise, and my energy levels are high. This past year I started all 16 games, had a career best 79 tackles and 4 interceptions, and I became the defensive leader. At the end of the day I feel like my diet has helped me in many ways, and I think the results speak for themselves.



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