National Siblings Day

National Siblings Day

It’s National Siblings Day – as everyone has pointed out by now I have a sibling (Rilo) who will be drafted in just a few weeks! It’s been awesome to go through this journey with him.  We know brother duos are rare in the NFL, so it’s a real cool opportunity.

Since I went through the whole Draft process last year, it’s been fun to talk or text pretty much every day with Rilo as he goes through the same thing.  Any advice I can give him from last year I will and have been. But it’s simple – the key to this phase is discipline, honing your craft, and continuing to do the things you have to do to bring your game to the next level (study, know your board work, know the plays, study some more, then combine it with the on-field skills he has and good to go).

A few people say we’re pretty similar and I definitely can agree with that. But we have some differences. I don’t really enjoy comparing us because we’re two different football players and people. But one thing we both do a lot is laugh. You’ll always catch us cracking up at something, especially when we’re together.

Growing up, I remember when we’d play football in the park next to where we grew up. We were on the same team when we started out... real fun times! Then sharing the field in college (as opponents) was crazy and now potentially in the league. It’s a dream, man!

As we developed, we both knew we had a shot at making it and we made sure to work hard in order to make that happen. Now we’re both almost there, crazy how fast it’s all gone.  

I love my bro and I’m excited for him to go through this process and soak it all in since it’s really once in a lifetime.  

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