NBA Summer League Vlog

NBA Summer League Vlog

The Summer League was dope! It’s in Vegas there’s a ton of mystery and anticipation it’s like going to a Vegas show only better because the story line changes every other day. I want to keep up with what’s going on with the latest crop of young talent and to sit down with some of the heads in industry who all converge on LV for nearly two weeks. It's a 1 stop shop!  

Sitting down with former teammates and colleagues that used to play and coach in the same summer league. Catching up, critiquing players, offenses, defenses. It’s what hoopers do, basketball is really life and no other league studies the way hoopers do. Facts. I mean LBJ showed up to a game, is like Tom Brady showing up for rookie camp or voluntary workouts? 

I met some amazing people that had nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with life, also got a chance to mentor a young kid about basketball during part of a shoot. I was also able to meet some young entrepreneurs. It was a REAL road trip. Who doesn’t have fun on road trips, totally unscripted and real.

I hope to show the different sides of myself as well as some other retired and current athletes. Our daily lives are a trip. We still have to be fathers, mothers, son, daughters etc...hopefully a glimpse into my life or others on the platform can create positive visuals for athletes who have the ability to create or take part in these visuals. I just hope to provide CONTEXT and Purposeful content that inspires, educates, and maybe even heal somebody that might be going through something.]

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