New Helmet Rule

New Helmet Rule

The new helmet rule was a really big issue during the preseason and it wasn’t hard to see why. No one wants to hurt their team by getting hit with a 15-yard flag or lose a game check or even part of one because of a fine. It’s been a pretty unpopular rule so far.

But to be honest— I am in favor of it.

They’re just trying to keep the game safe, trying to keep guys healthy. I think it’s good for the game. We just have to adjust

It’s definitely going to be a challenge for some. Me personally, I’m a leg-tackler, so nothing changes for me. Guys just have to adjust. They’re just trying to have guys healthy when they retire. It’s good for the tackler, it’s good for the offensive guy, so it’s part of the game.

We’ve adjusted to a lot of things in the past, so it’s just another thing we gotta adjust to.

There’s something every year. They put an emphasis on something every year. We just have to adjust. That’s why we’re pros. We adjust on the fly, we adapt to all kinds of situations. They’re calling it close, we just have to be a little bit softer.

It may be hard in the beginning, but guys will get it figured out eventually. When they do, everything will be fine and no one will talk about it anymore.


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