New Year, New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings

Minicamp this year had a little bit of a different feel to it. We got new head coach at the helm, some new quarterbacks competing for a spot and I think everyone is happy with the way things are going. All of our new QB’s in the building bring something to the team. Mike brings the experience being on a couple different teams, Sam also has good experience under his belt and throws a really nice ball, and Josh is the young guy who everyone has been impressed by. People may comment on Josh saying that he doesn’t love football or whatever it may be but the guys practicing with him everyday know that’s not true. Coach Wilks has really brought a good vibe to the team and has really helped motivate me to never take a snap off, whether it be in practice or in the games.  Having a leader like that is really going to help the young guys develop good habits, as well as helping the veterans to shake off some of their bad tendencies. 


This season, the plan is for my role to change a little bit which I am looking forward to.  The defensive staff and I have spent a lot of time this offseason reading offenses, to help prepare me to play off of the ball more. This change will allow me to become less of just a corner who always covers the other teams #1 guy, but more of an all around defender. I’m excited to get to move around in the defensive backfield and show the offenses some different looks than what they’re used to seeing. It’s going to be fun.


Even though there are a lot of changes to this team whether it be the players or the coaches, the overall mentality has always remained the same. Each and every guy on this team just wants to go out every day and get better. To be a successful team we all have to be on the same page and that’s what this time of year is for, getting everything down in walkthroughs, learning what we can improve on from last year in the film room, whatever it may be. With training camp only weeks away I am confident in our preparation and look forward to big things for this team in 2018.

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